"Fashionable Help" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Why do we wait until it is convenient or fashionable to help others?

[Like this cartoon? All my art, Sophias and prints on sale 50% OFF with code “sweet“. SHOP NOW!] Better late than never. Most fund raisers understand the psychology of charity, that most of us are motivated by guilt. We give and donate to alleviate our sense of privilege and to…

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"God's Daisy" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

my most popular cartoon of all time

This is definitely my best-selling cartoon in my whole history of cartooning. BUY A PRINT NOW! Use the coupon code ‘iwant‘ for 20% OFF. You can use this coupon for any of my art you purchase. You get it, don’t you? You’ve done the daisy thing where you pull a…

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old cartoon revisited: no words

This is an old cartoon I did a year ago. It’s one of my personal favorites. Even though I do simple black and white drawing with a basic black pen and sometimes some color, this captures for me how I’m feeling lately. Sometimes I just feel like I’m at the…

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