"Being Controlled" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Don’t Be Tricked into Being Controlled!

One of the strongest driving forces of my life is the desire to be free. Completely and totally free! Yes, I’ve often found myself in situations where, when my discernment finally kicked in, I realized I was allowing myself to be controlled. There are severely and overtly controlling people who…

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"Words of Control" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

the ONE question you can ask yourself to determine if you’re being controlled

(Do you like this cartoon with symbols of control coming out of his mouth? You can buy it HERE.) Here’s the catch: I would dare say most controlled people don’t know they’re being controlled. The control is so thorough, so deceptive, that they wouldn’t dream of diagnosing themselves as controlled…

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house churches aren't the answer cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

sorry, but house churches aren’t the answer

Buy a copy of this print from my store! I just don’t believe small groups or home groups or house churches are the answer. This doesn’t solve the root problem of control. I’ve seen and been a part of very toxic small groups that are soaked with the spirit of…

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democratic control

I’m reading Slavoj ZiZek’s book again, Living in the End Times. He suggests a strategy of democracies to prevent class struggle from happening on a large scaleā€¦ to prevent the poor majority from discovering their own strength. The way this is accomplished is by dividing the large Federal majority into…

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confession and control

Norman Fairclough, in his fascinating study “Language and Power“, says that because institutions have been forced to use less direct ways of securing and exercising power, that many institutions have launched a counter-offensive. He suggests that providing counseling is just one of these counter-offensives which has colonized workplaces, schools, etc.:…

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