EARLY BIRD SPECIAL 50% OFF on course “How to Change your Beliefs without Losing your Mind”

CHECK OUT THE COURSE HERE (*** Just in case… use the coupon code “deconstruction” at checkout for 50% OFF the ORIGINAL price!, Now only $49!!!) I’m very excited to be offering this course! So I’m offering an “EARLY BIRD SPECIAL” of 50% OFF, which makes it just $49 for the course…

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Leaving the Ministry is HARD!

Leaving the ministry is hard. Very hard! I know. I’ve done it four times. The last time was 2010. Seven years ago. This last one was a very tough go, so I created THIS COURSE for people like me. Watch this video to see what I mean: Download my eBook “Money…

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Click on Dream Worksheet for PDF Download

Download the Dream Worksheet from my Dream Course

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE DREAM WORKSHEET PDF When you understand your dreams you understand yourself! You can use this PDF worksheet to analyze your own dreams. Do you think you don’t dream? Do you have trouble remembering your dreams? Do you have no idea what your dreams mean? Dreams…

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