When Your Deconstruction Confuses Your Partner

Deconstruction takes more than an hour. Sometimes our partners don’t understand that. When we experience the deconstruction of our beliefs, often our loved ones can’t comprehend what’s happening to us. We don’t either! That’s the problem! Even though both Lisa and I deconstructed, it was at different times, at different…

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Deconstruction without Reconstruction

BUY THIS CARTOON IN MY NAKEDPASTOR SHOP ON ETSY I talk a lot about deconstruction. What is deconstruction? It may be a significant change of long-held beliefs, perhaps leaving the church, and can even culminate in the loss of faith. It’s called “deconstruction” because of the demolition, erosion, and breakdown…

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Marriage & Deconstruction: Communication is Key!

Here we see a family going through deconstruction. Each one alone. Why not do it together? For example, with your spouse: I keep saying communication is key. Communication is critical.Communication is the cure. Here’s some advice about communicating about your deconstruction with your loved ones: 1. Arrange a time.2. Promise you’ll…

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"Done with Church" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

11 Reasons Why It’s So Hard to Leave the Church

BUY A PRINT OF THIS CARTOON 11 Reasons Why It’s So Hard to Leave the Church (*** I originally wrote this for my beloved online community, The Lasting Supper. They found it very helpful. I hope you do too. If you want the friendship and support The Lasting Supper provides,…

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"Bull Riding Deconstruction" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

How are Deconstruction and Bull Riding the Same?

GET THIS PRINT! “How are Deconstruction and Bull Riding the Same?” Well, deconstruction can be punishing. But it lasts longer than 8 seconds. There are, in my opinion, two levels of spiritual deconstruction: theological and ecclesiological… that is, we change our beliefs, and we change our relationship to the church.…

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CHECK OUT THE COURSE HERE (*** Just in case… use the coupon code “deconstruction” at checkout for 50% OFF the ORIGINAL price!, Now only $49!!!) I’m very excited to be offering this course! So I’m offering an “EARLY BIRD SPECIAL” of 50% OFF, which makes it just $49 for the course…

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