Sophia "Deconstruction" by nakedpastor David Hayward

the dirty necessity of deconstruction

This is Sophia. She’s getting ready to deconstruct. To take down the walls that have held her. You can get prints of all 59 of my Sophia drawings in my shop. Would you like 30% OFF? Just use code ‘socool’ at checkout! You can also get the book that tells…

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"Alone But Not Lonely" painting by nakedpastor David Hayward

the importance of being creative during deconstruction

This painting is available in my gallery. CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT. This is a watercolor painting I worked on over the weekend. I call it “Alone But Not Lonely”. (This post was originally written for the members of The Lasting Supper. I invite you to join us for more stuff…

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"God Takes a #nomakeup Selfie" (by nakedpastor David Hayward)

God takes a #nomakeup selfie and the deconstruction of your belief

When we experience the deconstruction of our faith and beliefs, one of the most challenging deconstructions that we must endure is the one that demolishes, slowly or rapidly, our ideas and images of God. This includes the language we use to understand and describe That-Which-We-Call-God. Even the word “God” itself…

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a short video about the deconstruction of belief

Happy New Year! Here’s my teaching style. I did this for our online community but since nothing sensitive is revealed about the group, I decided to make this public to you as well. (Yes, that’s a watercolor painting I did in the background… of my wife Lisa with one of…

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new Sophia drawing “deconstruction”

If you’ve been following my drawings at all, and my Sophia series, you might recognize this wall. It is reminiscent of the wall in my drawing, CAUGHT. She’s grabbed a sledgehammer and returned to this wall to practice a bit of deconstruction. I believe she’s going to take it down.…

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the cross and deconstruction

In Christian theology, the cross is the symbol of deconstruction. The gospels portray Jesus as so truthful that he lived this reality through to its inevitable conclusion: his own crucifixion. Paul developed and articulated the theology through to its logical conclusion: the rejection of him, his letters, his gospel and…

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cartoon: corrections

Let’s deconstruct the primal good news with a modern fundamentalist critique! I’m giving my readers 20% off of all my nakedpastor art and fine art! All you have to do is type “season” in the coupon code box and you’ll get 20% off. You can buy my cartoons and cartoon…

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