Learning Beyond Belief: Courses for Personal Growth ON SALE!

USE COUPON CODE “AWESOME” for 50% OFF! Take any one of these courses for just $29!! 1. How to Interpret Your Dreams 2. Leaving the Ministry 3. How to Survive the Deconstruction of your Beliefs They are regularly $58 now reduced to $29. If you go to my courses and…

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Click on Dream Worksheet for PDF Download

Download the Dream Worksheet from my Dream Course

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE DREAM WORKSHEET PDF When you understand your dreams you understand yourself! You can use this PDF worksheet to analyze your own dreams. Do you think you don’t dream? Do you have trouble remembering your dreams? Do you have no idea what your dreams mean? Dreams…

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Take my course “5 Steps to Understanding Your Dreams”

HERE’S a $50 coupon you can put toward the cost of the course: use the coupon code “DREAMER” at checkout! If you understand your dreams you understand yourself! Dreams have played a huge role in my life. So I learned how to understand them. It’s a topic I’m excited about.…

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