Yes, You Can Envision, Plan, and Make Your Escape!

Buy the ORIGINAL or PRINTS of this Sophia drawing, or get my book The Liberation of Sophia that has all 59 drawings and meditations. Envision, Plan, and Make Your Escape (Before I begin, I want to make a very clear disclaimer: There are some, especially women, who are in extremely…

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Sophia "Escape" by nakedpastor David Hayward

May it become clear when you should make your escape!

[You can get this Sophia print and others HERE! I’m offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL MY ART with code ‘shipit‘!] This is the text from this Sophia image, “Escape”, from my book, The Liberation of Sophia. You can order the book HERE. There are 59 images and meditations. So many…

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Sophia Saturday: “escape” there’s always a way out

There’s always a way out. There have been many crucial times in my life when I have felt completely trapped. Those have been the most distressing times, depressing, hopeless and despairing. No matter which way I looked, I could see no light, find no door or window, detect no other…

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