"Life and Fear" cartoon by David Hayward

Is Fear Holding You Back From Living?

OWN THIS PRINT What’s the first thing I say when someone describes to me the changes in their beliefs and the fear they are feeling? “Relax. Don’t be afraid.” The fear and the beliefs are connected. They have a symbiotic relationship. In fact, they are one! I compare it to…

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"Dry Heat" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Is Hell really all that bad?

In my online community, The Lasting Supper, we talk a lot about Hell. Some of our members experience a great deal of fear about Hell. It is so deeply embedded in their spiritual DNA that they sometimes feel hopeless that they will ever be free of this fear. While they…

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"The Wrong Reasons to Go to Church" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)

the wrong reasons to go to church

I read recently where someone still feels a tinge of guilt for not going to church years after leaving it. It takes a long time to kick old habits. The hardest part about kicking addictions is not the behavior itself, but our need for it. What is the need behind…

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bible bunker

It’s frustrating talking with someone when they suddenly say, “Well, the bible says it so that’s it!” End of conversation! This happens a lot. Especially when you are talking about something hot, like science, sexuality, justice, the future, the church, money, belief. Things like that. Fear is behind it. Fear…

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new Sophia drawing “Conquer”

This is my latest in my series of Sophia drawings… the story of a courageous young woman’s journey towards her independence and wisdom. The shark is one of Sophia’s deepest fears. It’s so deep she doesn’t understand it. So she’s decided to go after it with a lasso. I have…

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