"Be the Change!" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)

the #1 ingredient for changing the world

This small coin is preaching to the choir. It’s more like a pep talk. They already are the change. Just by being… change! You want to know the number one ingredient for changing the world? It’s you! I believe in the urgency of change. I agree that we must be…

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gender pyramid cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

where are you on this gender pyramid?

There’s so much wrong with this I wouldn’t even know where to start. So I won’t. We talk a LOT about gender… its fluidity, its complexities, its realities, its lifestyles, etcetera, at The Lasting Supper. I invite you to join us for fascinating people, discussions and developing relationship. Download my…

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visionary thinking

By now it is no secret to you that I abhor visionary thinking for the church. I’m not against visionary thinking for individuals, businesses, and other organizations. But when it comes to the church, I claim the healthiest church communities lack visionary thinking and goal setting from their DNA. I’ll…

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church enmeshed

I was talking with my counselor yesterday. (Yes, I’m going through therapy like anyone going through major transitions should. In fact, I endorse having someone you can talk with on a regular basis no matter how healthy you think you are.) After a while she pointed out that I still…

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two theological libraries

In Philippians 2, when the writer encourages the community to be like-minded, he immediately launches into a hymn about the emptying of God and the humiliation of Jesus. The Pauline writings reveal the intense focus on this theme. By their fruit you will know them. Knowledge is important, but it…

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