The Business Model of Jesus

THE JESUS BUSINESS MODEL I frequently get messages from people shocked that I charge for my art, cartoons, books, my community, and coaching. They say things like, “Jesus never charged people for anything. You SUCK!” To that, I only have one argument that seriously challenges it. You’re wrong! Jesus charged…

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jesus daydreaming cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

what Jesus daydreamed about as a child

Wouldn’t it be funny right now if I invited you to shop in my store? I have no problem with people buying and selling. Even Jesus junk. What’s problematic is when we impute our ideas into the mind and mouth of Jesus. It’s okay to be prosperous. It’s not okay…

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christmas competition cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

enter the Christmas competition

Might be a good time to buy your favorite cartoon or Sophia or painting, original or reproductions: SHOP NOW! The Christmas season for represents a time in which I might be able to have time to connect with friends, a time when my children just might make it home, good…

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