"New Jesus Tithing" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

the New Jesus and his teaching on tithing

[Like this cartoon? Get a print of it for just $16 HERE!]I have a story. The last local church I pastored, the previous pastor taught tithing. I was on staff while he was the pastor. We enjoyed really good offerings that help support the extensive ministries and charities of the…

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"Jesus and the First Left Behind" by nakedpastor David Hayward

How Jesus Left Behind his friends the first time

I remember when I was very young one of my friends was telling us about what his pastor was preaching. It was The Revelation and the end times stuff. We were fascinated and terrified. This is what began my journey down the path of a rather apocalyptic, charismatic and evangelical…

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rebuilding the walls that Jesus tore down

Why did something that was intended to be all-inclusive become all-exclusive? Fear? Pride? Error? Money? Power? We believe it is for the whole world. We say it is for the whole world. We act like it’s just for us. Before Jesus died he said the Spirit would come in his…

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