"Jesus Rides the Wave of Gay" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

What will Jesus do with this wave of gay?

[LIKE THIS CARTOON? GET THE PRINT HERE!]Wow the drama! Now anything goes! The end of the world is coming. Because it can’t get any worse! A tsunami of sin! Or a good wave! Meet other LGBTQ people at The Lasting Supper! Check us out HERE! Download my eBook “Money is…

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"Persecution or Sharing" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

You’re not being persecuted when someone else gets happy!

[GET A PRINT OF THIS CARTOON HERE!]You are persecuted when your rights are being restricted or removed. Christianity, the Church, and Christians can be persecuted. That’s true. It’s happening around the world. But Christianity, the Church, and Christians can also persecute others. That’s happening around the world too. All this…

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"Marriage Equality" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Congratulations USA from a very important entity!

This was created with my cartoon and the Facebook’s Celebrate Pride app for your profile picture. Huge day yesterday! Lots of joy. Congratulations USA! Download my eBook “Money is Spiritual” for just $10!

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would you just like to be tolerated?

This is another cartoon addressing marriage equality and LGBTQ themes. Tolerance is not the same as acceptance. Equality is more than tolerance. Tolerance means putting up with something, enduring it, allowing it to be present in your world. It’s something that’s done from a position of power, from a position…

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does the law have power over love?

I’m continuing my marriage equality and LGBTQ themed cartoons this week because today and tomorrow the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in two cases regarding same-sex marriage… one concerning California’s Proposition 8 and the other the Defense of Marriage Act. Of course the law has no control over who…

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the grave gavel and same sex marriage

Several years ago I worked in the States for a while. My wife’s American but I still needed a worker’s visa. But when I lost my job, there we were stuck with a house and van that we’d bought. Lisa and the kids booted it back to Canada to recover…

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