Leaving the Ministry is HARD!

Leaving the ministry is hard. Very hard! I know. I’ve done it four times. The last time was 2010. Seven years ago. This last one was a very tough go, so I created THIS COURSE for people like me. Watch this video to see what I mean: Download my eBook “Money…

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"Leaving the Ministry" by nakedpastor David Hayward

Leaving the Ministry? Here’s a Course for You!

READ MORE ABOUT THIS COURSE! I attempted to start this course before based on a community model like The Lasting Supper. But it didn’t work. Why? I discovered ex-pastors wanted the information now and weren’t interested in the community aspect as much. SO… I’m very excited to be offering this course…

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Leaving the Ministry: New Course & Community

I’m excited to announce my new online course and community, Leaving the Ministry! This is for pastors struggling with the ministry, who are leaving the ministry or thinking about it, or who have already left the ministry. Check it out: Download my eBook “Money is Spiritual” for just $10!

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"Pastor Acting" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

I’m not acting when I say that today you get 50% off any of my art!

That’s right! ALL my art is 50% OFF, including this cartoon. Just use coupon code “sweet” at checkout. SHOP! I drew this cartoon tongue-in-cheek of course. But I know it is true for many pastors. I experienced it myself. The pressure to live up to the expectations of your people…

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pastor afraid to preach cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

10 Reasons Why Leaving the Ministry is Difficult for Pastors

(*** Just a gentle reminder that all my art is 40% OFF this weekend ONLY. Just use the coupon code “halloween” when you’re about to complete your purchase. SHOP HERE NOW!) I wrote the original post of this shortly after I left the ministry in 2010. It still applies. I…

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