Sophia "Canoe" drawing by nakedpastor David Hayward

Sophia Canoe: Allow Yourself to Appreciate New Things

GET A PRINT Sophia “CANOE”: In my escape from my imprisonment, I came across this abandoned canoe. So I took it. I took advantage of it. I used it. It was there and I let it help me. I let it assist me on my journey. Something that I’ve learned…

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Yes, You Can Envision, Plan, and Make Your Escape!

Buy the ORIGINAL or PRINTS of this Sophia drawing, or get my book The Liberation of Sophia that has all 59 drawings and meditations. Envision, Plan, and Make Your Escape (Before I begin, I want to make a very clear disclaimer: There are some, especially women, who are in extremely…

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"Sophia: Resilience" drawing by nakedpastor David Hayward

New Sophia Drawing: Resilience

[Like this drawing? Buy the ORIGINAL or get a PRINT! I’ll ship it for free if you use the coupon “shipit“!] I am amazed at the strength in vulnerability of Sophia. Have you read her story yet in The Liberation of Sophia? In the book I say I lost the…

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