"Until Our Paths Again Cross" painting by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Until Our Paths Again Cross” watercolor painting

OWN THIS PAINTING I’ve decided to include my paintings and their contemplations on my blog now too. My new tagline is “Art Beyond Belief”… so that includes more than just my cartoons. I have the edgy, rebellious, humorous side to me. This inspires my cartoons. But I also have a…

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spiritual fear and mentors

I talk with many people who struggle with their spiritual journey. They enter into a time of darkness and confusion, and many of the beliefs they cherish fall under a severe and sometimes deserved scrutiny. They question, doubt and even abandon what they’ve believed for years. Enter, fear… fear of…

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5 Steps of Recovery from Spiritual Abuse

Here are 5 steps to recovering from abuse. I am focusing on spiritual abuse in particular: Admit that it happened. What I find with many people who’ve experienced abuse is that they can’t believe that such a thing happened to them in the church. It is repugnant to them that…

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