"Tissue" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Why I Started The Lasting Supper

GET THIS CARTOON Why I Started The Lasting Supper I started TLS for basically 3 reasons: 1. I was lonely. I had left the church community and was now left on my own. Ya, I know. I’m the one who left. But I wanted to hang out with people who…

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"Find Seek" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Do You Need Space to Seek?

GET THIS CARTOON I value sacred spaces where people are allowed to seek freely without fear of negative repercussions. There were none anywhere. So I started The Lasting Supper, my online community. Here’s a bit from our about page: “At this point there are over 200 members from all around the…

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Welcome MY NEW BOOK “The Lasting Supper: Letters for Deconstruction”

I’m so happy and very excited to announce the release of my new book, The Lasting Supper: Letters for Deconstruction! Let me explain how I wrote it. In 2012 I launched the online community The Lasting Supper (TLS). Almost every week since then I’ve written a personal letter of encouragement…

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"Lonely" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Is Your Deconstruction Lonely? Join us at The Lasting Supper!

I drew this cartoon and make it available to show how lonely we can be, by ourselves or even in a crowd! Are you lonely as you change your beliefs or feel like you’re losing your faith? Within our outside the church? Consider joining us at The Lasting Supper! I…

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Sophia "Deconstruction" by nakedpastor David Hayward

the dirty necessity of deconstruction

This is Sophia. She’s getting ready to deconstruct. To take down the walls that have held her. You can get prints of all 59 of my Sophia drawings in my shop. Would you like 30% OFF? Just use code ‘socool’ at checkout! You can also get the book that tells…

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"Happy Spiritual Independence Day" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)

What does spiritual independence mean anyway?

This has everything to do with what The Lasting Supper is about! What does spiritual independence mean anyway? First of all, let’s ask what independence means. This is what I mean when I say it: free from outside control not dependent on another’s authority self-governing not dependent on another for…

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a short video about the deconstruction of belief

Happy New Year! Here’s my teaching style. I did this for our online community but since nothing sensitive is revealed about the group, I decided to make this public to you as well. (Yes, that’s a watercolor painting I did in the background… of my wife Lisa with one of…

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insisting you are right you are not

This has nothing really to do with my cartoon, but I wanted to offer an explanation about the membership subscription to The Lasting Supper. There is a misunderstanding that I’m not sure how to clear up. People jump to the conclusion that they have to pay to be a part…

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