tee shirt: The Legendary Karl Barth

This is a t-shirt idea I’ve been working on. It is a black and white drawing I did, based on the last known photograph of Karl Barth in his study. He is probably my favorite theologian. You can purchase the tees with Barth’s image on it HERE. I’m also submitting this to Illustration Friday’s theme: “Legendary”. Stay tuned for an upcoming tee-shirt with Bonhoeffer’s image I created originally as a blockprint on it.


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2 Replies to “tee shirt: The Legendary Karl Barth”

  1. Greetings! Love your tees, purchased a few last week. Happened to learn about Neo Orthodoxy abd Karl Barth this past weekend. I might wait for the Boenhoffer edition though ; )

  2. Most excellent work NP!
    These would also be good framed in a series.
    I must confess… I don’t know much about Barth’s work. I will read up…
    Looking forward to the Bonhoeffer one. But I don’t feel worthy to wear it!

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