the cross, the narrow way

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Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, in his book “I Am An Impure Thinker“, suggests that there are the four fronts: Buddha, representing the outward gaze; Laotse, representing inward emptying; Abraham, representing the backwards origins of the One; and Jesus, representing the forward hereafter. These comprise the Cross of Reality. He implies all must die in time to make the New Man. Jesus has already, but Christianity must do so also.

In the center of our lives we get hold of our real way of living. And we hear the four founders tell us to think up to the very best in our own actual experiences and to discard all our abstract principals. They say: Surrender to the greatness of a great soul who gives you freedom when he could do otherwise. Surrender to the call of destiny when indeed it would be convenient not to do so. Surrender to the freedom of a new start. Surrender to the love of the neighbor who has fallen among thieves.

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  1. This is so awesome! Very much the way my thoughts and experiences have been heading but unable to put into words or find anyone to talk to about it.. It is always a wonderful gift when you discover your baby steps along the way are not the product of one’s own imagination and isolation! Thank you!

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