The Left Behind movie and the selling of fear

left behind

Fear sells.

When I was a youth the threat of being left behind was fed to me weekly. It was a part of my diet. I lived in fear.

As a result, I was coerced into thinking, saying and doing things that provided me with some sort of tenuous guarantee that I wouldn’t be left behind.

The thing is, the more obedient you become the more obedient you’re expected to be. The threats become more precise until every aspect of my life is under judgment and living in fear becomes absolute.

Essentially, this is what religion does: it administers the disease, then provides the cure. That is, it makes you a sinner, then provides the forgiveness. It makes you afraid and offers the comfort. Movies like Left Behind cash in on this.

Once someone catches the fear you’re administering, you have their wallet.

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12 Replies to “The Left Behind movie and the selling of fear”

  1. me too, snorted and everything – oh so good to be free. was thinking the other day that it would be amazing if the rapture still happened for those who still believe in it – can you imagine the world we could build without all of that naysaying and fearmongering? 🙂

  2. 🙂 Great Cartoon! I had this very same experience. I was about 12 when our family started going to an evangelical church. My first experience of youth group was a movie about the rapture, and being left behind (one of those cheesy 70’s productions) and it scared the crap out of me. It was followed by a come to Jesus speech, and how I better be sure I was “saved”. You better believe I got saved that night, and subsequently went forward to be saved several times at different fear mongering events, because I was never quite sure I was saved. My faith was all about fear. What a lie. “Jesus loves you, now you better love him back or you’re going to hell”…Ugh. My faith still has not recovered…

  3. ^^^Ditto to all of the above. I was both fascinated and fearful of various apocalyptic scenarios. So glad I broke free of that. If anything happens to humankind it will be because of human greed, arrogance, and apathy. And unfortunately religion is right up there helping.

  4. I am a bit glad to find stuff based on Daniel and Revelations (And almost literally so) ridiculous. I mean I have imagined a religious apocalypse (plot twist: Jungian/Dewey-style creation of God leads to wrathful god) but that was for writing purposes. XD

    My dad and mom loves the Tim LaHaye books. Never could really get into their “teen version.” :/

  5. Considering the movie and its starring Nic Cage, however, I’m pretty sure the movie quality will be quite bad. Cage (being the nephew of a certain Coppola) has a long history of putting himself in roles that aren’t bound to be the most fantastically written.

  6. Reminds me of what I used to say about that book/movie franchise…. “Left Behind, My Ass!”

  7. Surely the rapture already happened around 35 AD. I don’t think anyone got beamed up. End of story. Move along. Nothing to see here….

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