The Most Serious Heresy

"Most Serious Heresy" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Most Serious Heresy” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


It’s always surprising to me when a person gets persecuted for standing up for the rights of others.

No, it’s not.

It happens All. The. Time.

I wrote recently about Vicky Beeching. It got so fierce with her she had to leave the internet for a while.

Then there’s the Jen Hatmaker story. The rejection she suffers is sad.

There are so many similar stories.

This frankly authoritarian approach is the historic and expected response of a church desperately trying to regain its languishing power and which will only make things worse.

What are these people persecuted and rejected for?

Love and inclusion.

It will get you killed. Maybe spiritually. Certainly socially. Definitely ecclesiastically. Hopefully not physically.

It’s the most serious heresy.

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6 Replies to “The Most Serious Heresy”

  1. I Express my gratitude and appreciation for the necessary spiritual work. In my Ministry often useful to these drawings, which may illustrate the theme that gives to understand and to convey to others God.

  2. Love may get you spiritually killed? I am not getting what you are putting down, will you elaborate/explain a bit?

  3. Thanks for asking Linda. I’ve seen many people, and I have been tempted to be one of those people, who have been so attacked for being loving and inclusive that they consider throwing in the towel on the whole enterprise… including their own spirituality.

  4. Well, I’ve not ‘thrown in the towel’ on my own walk with Jesus or God or the Spirit.

    But I have given up on the church institution.

    Their group-thinking is so strong, that they have a personality that literally can say things like, “Let’s pray for revival” and then ignore the Latinos on the corner next to the church who were standing around, and hoping for work.

    They did not perceive the opportunity.

    And they were angry with me, when I made friends with the Latinos… because… I did not understand that all their good words were simply to be ignored. I had broken their rules by doing.

    The words are a form of chanting that makes them feel good. Call it Choir, or Liturgy, or Preaching, or being on the Board. It is scripted and ad hoc chanting. It feels good. Therefore, it is good.

    It is Words. Ignore them.

    Go back to living the way we are – white middle-class with troubled kids and good kids that go to college and… oh… a week passed? Well then, time for more chanting.

    Would you like to chant in our Choir, Caryn? You’ll say lovely words. It is a good chant. And the words mean nothing will change.

    You see, David, I did not understand the cycle of sameness meant so much to them. It was their root. Their core. Their anchor. Their tree of life.

    And I had over-turned some tables by doing some of those words, instead of just listening to those words.

    And ignoring those words.

    I had broken their cycle of sameness, and threatened their very core.

    Who can blame them for being disturbed by a transsexual that walked with Jesus among the poor and homeless?

    Love in action breaks the cycle of sameness. Love in action is a new root. And they did not wish to go through the grafting process from one root to another.

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