8 Replies to “the perks of being a leader”

  1. In a discussion group led by a pastor I once exclaimed: Oh, how I wish Jesus had lived growing old, we would have so many more of his wise stories going straight to the heart! In less than a second the leader shouted: As being your pastor, I hereby bind you in this outspoken sin, and you will not be freed thereof until a pastor loosens you!

  2. Somewhere in the Bible he said it´s written: What you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven and what you loose on earth will be loosen in Heaven. When we said goodby that nigth in the group, he said: “I assume you understand that I had to say what I said, but remember: It was becauce of love.” My answer was: “I understand you as well as I understand my mother, she is also praying every night that I would return “to the right way”.
    As a matter of fact I understood that he was afraid of me influencing “his church” to be more tolerant and not take every word in the Bible to be suitable in our days. I did not tell him that nothing what he might say could affect me negatively and that I knew he was a gift for me to train staying strong.

  3. Sorry for my English, it should of course be “what you loosen on earth will be loosened in Heaven” (if to loosen is the same as “to make free”)

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