The Problem of Public Bathrooms in the Bible

"Public Bathrooms" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Public Bathrooms” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Sometimes “Go behind a tree!” wouldn’t even work.

And some people complain about toilet paper being as rough as sandpaper. But what about actual sand?!

But this isn’t about that. This is about transgender people and their right to choose which bathroom to use.

Anyway, some potty humor on a Sunday morning.

I hope you enjoy it.

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13 Replies to “The Problem of Public Bathrooms in the Bible”

  1. LOL!! The sad reality of people creating a Law that is designed to fix a problem that did not exist… yet will hopefully garner more air time and votes for a certain elephant-centric political party.

    In my opinion, the Republicans need to return to their basic platform of minimal government plus maximum business, and cease trying to create a new culture war.

    I use to vote always Republican, yes I did, for years and years…. but then (like others that I know), I abandoned the Republican Party as I tired of the hate-based logic that caused me to also leave the churches my family once enjoyed.

    Hate-centric reasoning is not attractive – it does not attract believers to a church, nor voters to a party.

  2. Public toilet in the Bible: 2 Kings 10:27

    (Still no reference to segregating by sex or checking peoples’ genitals before use, of course.)

  3. It really makes me wonder; If Phillip would have been so narrowly focused as those zealot today, would he have told the Ethiopian, Sorry you can’t be baptized there that’s a women’s baptismal font/pond; if that happened would any of us other gentiles be here religously?

  4. There that 2 Kings 10 reference. There’s Jesus and eunuchs. There’s the “cloning” of Adam to make Eve. There’s the ambiguous sourcing of Jesus’ Y chromosome and other half of the DNA. (Forgive my literary anachronisms.) There’s a fair bit of pissing against the wall (at least in older translations, even before Evangelicals thought it was only a crude euphemism). Otherwise, I’m not really sure what the current five solas are but sola fearful and sola angry are now probably up there. Where do these guys get this stuff???

  5. I was hoping to see some biological females commenting on this issues from a personal perspective.

    As for me, I attended an all girls’ school in my earlier years. We had an exhibitionist in the neighborhood who showed up to stand around with his penis hanging out. Once, I was grabbed in a back-alley but I was able to free myself and run away. I had to identify men in a line-up and I had to go testify in court. All of it very unpleasant and pretty scary for a girl.

    Whether or not he was transgendered, or pedophile, or mentally ill, or whatever… it does not really matter, as we can’t diagnose this things on a dime. Bottom line is that there needs to be some distance kept, and Obama just dictated that it would not be possible to keep this distance. And in every single instance this point is being made, it just simply gets ignored, as if it did not matter to a large number of females or parents.

  6. I think Caryn is the best one to answer this question. I believe that transgender people should be able to use the bathroom of their choice. Even with my kids and potential grandkids, this does not worry me.

  7. The issue always gets framed in terms of the choice of the transgendered, as if one could judge these things from appearance alone. The effective practical outcome is that females have to put up with any or all males that come into their space. This is insanity.

  8. Brigitte I will answer from a “biological female” perspective. I have no issue at all with MtF transgender people using the women’s toilets, nor indeed with toilets that are not gendered (as is becoming more prevalent here with new public toilets). I say this as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and I am sorry for your experience – good on you for having got away. You appear here to confuse transgender with sexually abusive, as if they are interchangeable. They are not. Did you know that people who are transgender are at the highest risk of all kinds of abuse – including sexual abuse?

    So I am not worried about people who are MtF transgender being in the women’s toilet, I would be worried about someone who is sexually abusive – and they come in both “brands”.

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