The REAL REASON Jesus Was Born in a Stable

"Born in a Stable" cartoon by David Hayward
“Born in a Stable” cartoon by David Hayward


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3 Replies to “The REAL REASON Jesus Was Born in a Stable”

  1. Indeed, Jerusalem and King Herod being disturbed at the news of his birth and it taking three astrological stargazers to welcome him.

    Odd that his own people dehumanised him as he humanised all including enemies with joy.

    Amazing how being joyful can invoke envy and fear. People who are egotistical can recognise creativity but don’t value it because they want to feel in control and take credit for everything.

    It’s a sign of doing something right when not being offensive and people taking offence. I believe that’s what comedians call material when that happens.


  2. This is manifestly untrue. It all came from a misunderstanding: Joseph when to the inn and said, “I’d like to see your MANAGER”.

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