The Risk of Walking Your Own Path

"Walk Your Own Path" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Walk Your Own Path” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


You might never come right out and verbally state that you’re taking your own path. But when it becomes evident you are, you may lose friends and confound family. People will freak out.

Of course, sheep never do this. Because when sheep choose their own path they’re immediately branded as “lost”.

And so will you be branded. You will be branded as lost when you walk from the flock.

But don’t believe them!

I firmly believe in the benefit of spiritual mentors, directors, masters, guides, coaches, or whatever you want to call them. They have saved my life.

However, all spiritually growing people eventually must break away from the flock. Some do so permanently. They’re called hermits. Some walk their own path while still engaging with others volitionally. They’re called masters of their own destiny.

At some point your mentor must be able to say to you, “I can take you no further!”

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4 Replies to “The Risk of Walking Your Own Path”

  1. Exactly!! “All that wander are not lost.”

    Some of my friends cannot believe that I do just fine without attending a physical ‘church’. However… what they find essential for their life, is simply not essential for mine.

    I love thinking. I love questions. I don’t need answers for every question. I love reading about other viewpoints and biases. I adore analysis contributed by several authors. I love coffee, wine, snacks, and shopping! With friends! YES! 🙂

    And… you find little of that within a Sunday morning at a church.

    Why… the last time I told a man ‘Where on earth did you buy that beautiful white collar you are wearing? – I truly need one for my wardrobe.’ Well, let’s say that he frowned, and would not even volunteer the name of the store.


  2. Branded

    Into clasped bowl fell
    tears outpouring well’d
    past tense, present gift
    future beheld

    Intrinsic life
    I know an’ know not
    Horror brandeth
    mine soul

    In-dwells days
    mares nights
    Transfigured ‘midst darkness
    vision of light

    Kristin Gillespie © October 2015

    The Wilful Sheep

    Not Your will Lord, but mine
    I can make my own decisions just fine
    I’m all grown up now, independent too
    I don’t need to be told what to do

    Not Your will Lord, but mine
    I know I said I’d follow you
    But I’m certain this calling is true
    Tell me quick if it isn’t what you want me to do

    Not Your will Lord, but mine
    “Tell me I’m crazy” is my plea
    These waking dreams cannot be
    Instruction You are sending me

    Sometimes You treat my wilfulness
    As a tolerant parent with a headstrong child
    At others you firmly insist
    Bowing to none of my fears or objections

    Maybe Your will Lord, not mine
    Your direction is where I’ll incline
    My wilfulness lands me in such a mess
    I’m truly a lost sheep, I do confess!

    I search for Your will Lord, not mine
    Trying to heed Your guiding line
    At times finding mess, trouble and pain
    But I’m a wilier sheep now in the main

    Finally I can say Your will Lord, not mine
    Now even when I’m stumbling blind
    Solid ground my feet do find
    Following You I have peace of mind

    Kristin Gillespie© January 2013

    Note that the second one says nothing about following other people! I still find mess trouble and pain at times, but I know it’s my path – I’m not meant to be a docile sheep (is anyone?)! When you call people or the church out on hypocrisy don’t expect a smooth path 🙂

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