There were no important people at the Nativity!

"No Important People" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“No Important People” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


I have a personal love of the gospels’ Christmas story.

What strikes me most is the gospels’ portrayal of the complete lack of important people around the birth of Jesus. No politician or religious leader was present, but were in fact strategically omitted.

Those present were rejected, scandalized, marginalized, foreign, and lowly folk in a humble setting.

I think the writers wrote it in a way that predicted the impotency and downfall of those in power.

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2 Replies to “There were no important people at the Nativity!”

  1. I think I recall this one from your files. And, I loved it back then. Love it now!

    I think that the Bethlehem story is about God saying ‘so what?’ to the powerful of the world…. and proof that God has no concept of good business strategy.

    Angels singing? Check. Perfect introduce-the-product advertisement. Talk about getting their attention! YES! Great opening act!

    Follow-on act? Some shepherds… ? and soft fade away into silence…. say what? Where is that solid business follow-through?

    Two-year retake – and enter three wealthy foreigners? Check. Perfect. Angry King willing to kill babies? YES! HIGH DRAMA! This is gonna be one great shoot-out!

    Let’s bring those angels back! Let’s make this LIKE STAR WARS!!!

    Great business advertisement strategy!!!!

    Follow-on act? Flee into Egypt…? say what?

    And so it goes…. The God that is beyond the box, stays beyond the box.

    And proves, if anything, His ways are beyond any (business) understanding…. 😉

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