they are refugees, not refusees

"Refugees not Refusees" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Refugees not Refusees” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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Yes, it’s a huge problem. It’s a crisis.

No, there’s no easy answer. It’s complicated.

But, can we be moved by compassion rather than fear?

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10 Replies to “they are refugees, not refusees”

  1. Not for me Bernardo, I have Muslim neighbours and we get along fine. Not everyone has that prejudice.

  2. Bernardo: one the most amazing men that visits the Vineyard is a Muslim. He is so faithful in helping the poor that the Vineyard has come to allow him to work in their church food pantry ministry for years. His name is Makki, and he is an incredible saint of God.

    My co-workers on one job for the Dept of Defense were Muslim. And, outstanding performers, by the way.

    My son works in the Middle East, teaching English to Arabic students. He loves his job, and the country. I doubt he feels any fear when 30 Muslim college-age students fill his classroom.

    The element of fear you mention I have handled by getting to know the person. It is part of my philosophy as a follower of Jesus (given Jesus spent time with the Samaritans, who were both hated and feared by the Jews of his time).

    May I ask how you handle the element of fear, as a fundamentalist atheist? I am curious about your philosophy in handling your own fear.

  3. But after Paris?

    I expect the neo-Fascists to have a field day. After all, they have a solution to the Islamic problem: “It’s them or us!” is simple to understand, and authorities waffling about tolerance and diversity and what to do without any clear solution just gives the Fascists that much more credibility.

  4. After Paris yes that is a real possibility with the “Fascists”.

    I’m wondering what sound bite will emerge on this occasion. “War on terror” “Axis of evil” have gone out of fashion since these pie in the sky WMD’s that were talked of not turning up.

    Yup it is simple to understand as is Cameron wanting to step up action in Syria. Fear – retribution all over. So the solution to the bombing that has created political instability and created a breeding ground for ISIS is to bomb more then I guess.

    Plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose.

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