Trusting Your Feelings About God’s Presence

"God's Presence" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“God’s Presence” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


It takes a lot of courage to be honest about your experience.

Many people have difficulty admitting they haven’t felt God’s presence in years.

I know. I was one of them.

Especially when we are surrounded by people who insist they are feeling it and tell us it’s our fault we’re not.

I found that being brutally honest about what I’m actually experiencing, and trusting that, was the first step in my personal health and wellbeing.

I empowered myself to trust what I felt and heard and saw and knew.

Of course, hanging out with other honest folk helped!

(Join us at The Lasting Supper. Honest people who are also kind.)


3 Replies to “Trusting Your Feelings About God’s Presence”

  1. When we speak of God being present and active, we must acknowledge all creation and all humankind.
    God is beyond words and beyond exotic ecstasies. And yet, the Source and Ground of all that exists is
    beyond, between, and within all things. May we give Life’s Spirit freedom to act in us!

  2. Funny… after I admitted to having felt this way last week, I recommitted to doing the Christian practice anyway and experienced what I can only call “consolations” which I didn’t really feel but perceived at some other level of my being. I tend to focus on feelings, so this was an interesting situation for me.

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