Was the bible written to keep women in subjection?

"The Bible and the Subjection of Women" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)
“The Bible and the Subjection of Women” (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)

Not all of it, but certainly some of it.

Some women have found and still find the bible and its major themes very liberating. Others have found it very oppressive.

Language is power.

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5 Replies to “Was the bible written to keep women in subjection?”

  1. I think the great difficulty is our cultural lens by which we view the Book of Galatians.

    1. Does our culture allow us to conceive of (to imagine) men and women as even being equal in all the promises of God?

    2. Does our culture allow us to see that the gifts and offices of the Holy Spirit can be given as He wills?

    3. Does our culture allow us to see that some believers choose to never leave the ‘mentorship of the Law’ and simply use the New Testament as a new form of “Law”…. and how should we respond to those that do not wish to experience the freedom in Christ?

    4. Does our culture have any concept of ‘freedom in Christ’… and/or how that would play out in gatherings of any type?

    By example, my parents are now passed. Father would be 91 and mother 85 (if they were still alive). His military training, being associated with 3 wars, having a wife that simply wished to ‘be a good wife’… well, they would not even ask these types of questions. And, they were outside of the church culture. However, if my parents did entertain these questions (at all), I would guess the answers would be like those of others in their generation:

    1. The promises of God pertain only to eternal life. Only in that regard, are we equal.

    2. The gifts and offices of the Holy Spirit are given equally to a certain ‘level’ on the chain-of-command, thereafter, only men receive certain gifts and offices. That is, only men are pastors, evangelists, prophets, and apostles. Women cannot be pastors. Women can be teachers of other women.

    3. Do not try to bully me saying that I am under the ‘mentorship of the Law’. I take the whole Bible, and the New Testament did not change God’s plan for marriage or church or even for culture. It is you that is showing disrespect to the Bible’s passages, not me.

    4. Freedom in Christ means to adhere to the Morality of our Founding Fathers. Your idea of ‘freedom’ was shown by the hippy drug culture. Your ‘freedom’ became chaos.

    Sincerely; Caryn

  2. Caryn, I’d like to hear more about #2 above. Can you give Biblical support for the phrase “gifts are given equally to a certain level on the chain of command”

  3. …and on a lighter note, shouldn’t the writing on the scroll be right-to-left?
    Love your art and posts. Keep up the good work!

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