Whatever you do, don’t tap out!

"Don't Tap Out" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Don’t Tap Out” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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For me, the area I need to be steadfast in and not give up is simply keeping all the comment up on this blog post.

Yes, there’s been a lot of pressure to either take the whole thing down, hide the comments, edit the comments, or delete some comments, and then publicly apologize for the whole thing. Not just tap out, but recant.

I love creating and providing space for people to share their experiences. That, to me, is a sacred right. But it is always being challenged.

I won’t tap out!

nakedpastor is a very public forum. So I created a private online community called The Lasting Supper where people can share their experiences and get support without worrying about the wrong people seeing it. I invite you to join us!

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14 Replies to “Whatever you do, don’t tap out!”

  1. David, please don’t tap out. I look forward to your daily cartoons and the thinking they illicit in me; often things I’ve never thought about before.

  2. David it takes great courage ‘not to tap out’. Well DONE!!….and thanks.

    Although not a Christian (born Zoroastrian and now without any religious convictions) I arrive here daily to read your thoughts and SMILE or CHUCKLE OR GUFFAW!! Thanks very much for that.

  3. Thank you for not succumbing to pressure. I know it is not easy and there is a price to pay. I hope it does not become legal. That would be so low.

  4. Ah, the cage fighter…

    Our lives are all too often a war of attrition. Our opponents simply wish to wear us down to nothing.

    If they have no humanness within them left, they will never relent until they die, shatter, or encounter God in reality.

    They desire power and control over others.

    You, David, are a wildcard, and therefore will always be an enemy of the high-controllers, the narcistic, the manipulators, and the abusers – because you cannot be controlled…. so, they must threaten you and silence you. You are a major weapon they want to own.

    You, David, are more dangerous than any lawyer, because you expose them for the cultic personalities they have developed, and then make your audience laugh.

    Laughter is more feared than the sword; a man would rather fight than be the butt of a joke.

    So, may I offer that you keep learning to laugh. Seriously. Imagine that they are the jello monster, or a cookie with pretty speckles. Then, lick them in your imagination like an ice cream. Close your eyes and break into laughter… it will help you chemically.

    Then, contact your lawyer, and get a standard phrase to email back to them. It is cheaper that way.

    Oh, they will never stop. Jello monsters never do stop jiggling…. lol. Ice cream never stops melting. They are part of your life forever… and not to be taken seriously.

    I have been in security almost 30 years… trust me, criminal actions and fiduciary negligence will never stop. I have helped gather evidences, and helped the prosecution or the defense many times. At first, I lost sleep. Then, I was shocked at the denials… later amazed at the viciousness and lies of the lawyers.

    Now, I just giggle.

    I have integrity; they just wish to erase the evidence of their wrong doing. I ignore their control; they hate me all the more. I ignore their manipulation; they gas light again and again (though the factual evidence remains unchanged). I hear them to some degree; but I hear the screams of the victims all the more.

    I have long ago learned to give up wanting to be loved and respected by everyone but God and ‘the man in the mirror’. Then, you will always be able to fight. And, you will finally have real enemies to love…. and a real reason to ‘rejoice and be glad, for great is your reward in heaven’.

    Cage fighters are made, not born. Laugh at your opponent. Swing another ‘right hook’ of a cartoon, and give them a ‘back kick’ with an accompanying text. Do it all in a public forum with humor… and you will knock them down again and again.

    It is an honor to know you. Now, let’s put a cold towel on the cut eyebrow of yours, champ. We’ve got a minute. And then, kick their ice cream jello cookie ass.

  5. I think we can all agree that if you’ll only admit that the sun does orbit the earth everyone can go home, David.

  6. I don’t think I understand the kind of pressure you’re facing, David. To me it seems obvious that the comments are there, and have been for months, so it’s not like it’s possible to put things back in “shut-up land” like they were before the discussion happened and Julie spoke up.
    But… I do believe you that it’s a difficult place you’re in and I have all the respect in the world for you that you are able to hold a place of safety for the soul to speak.
    I hope we’re evolving soon to a society in which places for soul-safety are not so rare. Until then though…. thank you.

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