What’s Happened to the Legacy of Jesus?

"The Legacy of Jesus" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“The Legacy of Jesus” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


The primary tool of evil is religion.

[Done with religion? Talk with me.]

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6 Replies to “What’s Happened to the Legacy of Jesus?”

  1. I get how on a site that is satirical about the church there will be comments at the church’s expense done in humour.

    I get it.

    I might even join in. I might join in with humour made at my expense.

    But to blame evil on primarily on religion is not accurate. People use all kinds of excuses for evil. People will even use freedom as an excuse for evil.

    I don’t think you are so bigoted as to conflate religion with evil David. Therefore I take your intention in your comment to be for rhetorical effect rather than you meaning it to be taken literally.


  2. Yes.

    My dear friend, I must correct you on your logic. I said I don’t think you are so bigoted as to conflate, so that would mean we are in agreement about your intention that I was right, and in keeping with what you say about not conflating them.

  3. Hmmmmm…. in my life thus far, and in my readings of military history, the primary tool of evil has been ‘power lust’.

    ‘Appeals to religion’ then become the primary tool for connecting that evil to the believing populace… and manipulating them.

    So, the Vandals appealed to their form of Christianity in order to connect their evil (power lust) to the populace, and gain the support of their power base. As I recall, they took over Carthage, attacked a weakened Rome, and successfully won the first major battle with Constantinople.

    The Christians of Constantinople then removed the Vandals from history, in their second battle.

    However… people have joined war out of greed, a desire for adventure, a need to defend the homeland, the love of the fight, and on and on. How to connect that primary evil (power lust) to the differing motivations within the populace is a great question…. asked by recruiters for many years.

  4. That’s interesting Caryn with your point about “power lust”. Therefore in a context where religion is prominent, it follows that this would be the dominant vehicle through which evil is manifested.

    Considering Nazi Germany for example. The majority of Germans went to church at the time. So Hitler had what he called his “positive Christianity” (which was all about favouritism to the Nazi party) that infiltrated the church. To which there were a few brace people like Bonhoeffer who practiced “confessional Christianity” which was a threat to Nazism.

    Perhaps in North America being “happy” manifesting as power grabs and othering can be a cause of concern where religion is involved. Something to which Jesus in his time rebuked by saying that the purest form of religion is to care for the vulnerable- the widows and orphans – and keep from being pulluted by the world.

    In the U.K with church attendance down and where secularism and selfism are prominent with being Christian in this environment often being detrimental to holding political power, evils manifest through many other ways that religion. So in this context, religion can be a vehicle for evil but it would be easy to argue against it being the primary vehicle for evil.

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