When Leaders No Longer Protect their People

"Arrangement" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Arrangement” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


The veil has been lifted.
Look past the curtain.
We’re on our own.
That much’s for certain.

The leaders, they care
just for themselves.
Their donors come first.
That much we can tell.

They no longer conceal
their evil intent.
Do what they please.
No longer pretend.

Well, we’re not sheep!
No, not anymore!
We choose who to trust,
kick the rest out the door!

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14 Replies to “When Leaders No Longer Protect their People”

  1. In answer to your final question- yes for reasons articulated.

    I find it helps to have a worldview that the world doesn’t care about Jack, only what it can gain from Jack. And that any struggle is like the struggle a chrisalist has to break free which in the process develops strength enough to fly.

    The “wolves” can then be left to their own cannibalism.

    Having said that some leaders are great and sometimes they are the victim not the perpetrators as we have seen in your beautiful cartoon and discussion here recently 🙂

  2. I see.

    So you perceive the last sentence as being oppositional and a compulsion to undermine your talk about leaders abusing their people with this being the intention of the comment. And not that the intention was to share about struggling and a way of coping with an encouragement with an allusion to your recent cartoon of the pastor in the bar.


    Thanks for sharing what you perceive to be “oppositional”.

  3. I affirm that what happens when leaders don’t protect their people that “wolves” don’t have to care about how they appear, can act with impunity and people can get destroyed.

  4. I think your cartoon has sadly shown my view of the White Evangelicals in the US.

    They are not wearing their ‘sheep skins’ as well as before now… and perhaps not even trying. They want political power at any cost.

    Judge Moore (running for Senate) just spoke at a Christian Academy/School… this was a Kindergarten to 12th grade location, not a University or College asking both men to speak.

    What message does that send to their teenage girls that are attending?

    The Academy could have arranged for the two men to speak at a College…. but no… only the Judge accused by 4 women of ‘dating’ them when they were teens, is asked to speak…. about bringing ‘the country back to God’.

    Oh, and his prior male legal co-workers have stated that they thought it was odd that Moore hung around the high school and dated teen girls (in his 30’s).

    First, an Academy should have been neutral and stayed out of politics. Secondly, after these negative testimonies by women and male colleagues, the Academy should have quickly urged Judge Moore to speak at a higher college or University.

    But no… they are not swing voters considering carefully the messages they send to their children…. they sold their souls to the Republican Party no matter the moral scruples of the candidate.


    Power drunk.

  5. Seems your experience in the US is not dissimilar in politic to what is happening in the UK. There has been much debated here about those in power being inappropriate. I think the ridiculous thing it that the complaints procedure is that when making a complaint it often is the case that the person being complained to is also the one that is being inappropriate. At the risk of being labelled “oppositional” one MP has committed suicide over allegations made about him.

    I understand the approach you advocate Caryn is to point the finger and to dominate and that mine is to “love your enemies” while engaging in battle and risking dehumanising by peers.

    I’m going defer to Neil Peart.

    “I bring love to give you solace
    In the darkness of the night
    In the heart’s eternal light
    You need only trust your feelings
    Only love can steer you right…
    I bring laughter, I bring music
    I bring joy and I bring tears
    I will soothe your primal fears
    Throw off those chains of reason
    And your prison disappears
    … But the winter fell upon them
    And it caught them unprepared
    Bringing wolves and cold starvation
    And the hearts of men despaired…

    We can walk our road together
    If our goals are all the same
    We can run alone and free
    If we pursue a different aim
    Let the truth of love be lighted
    Let the love of truth shine clear
    Armed with sense and liberty
    With the heart and mind united
    In a single perfect sphere

  6. I’m not sure how you got to this conclusion Jack: “I understand the approach you advocate Caryn is to point the finger and to dominate and that mine is to “love your enemies” while engaging in battle and risking dehumanising by peers.”

  7. Caryn wrote,

    “In my mind, the Church should be the one place wherein you can find rampant equality dominating I lean towards the pointing finger, the acceptance of blame, the work of repentance, the recreation of the organization.”

    I refer to my earlier comments for your enabling to be sure about the approach I offer. Please fee free to challenge or ask any questions about this if you need clarification.

  8. Interesting, Jack. In a way, you have a bank account. An emotional one.

    So, you are willing to risk dehumanizing while loving your enemies. Go for it.

    However, almost all the women I know have limited ‘cash’ in their emotional bank. They will go emotionally bankrupt with your approach.

    Therefore, given the bible advocates ‘repentance’; given the bible advocates ‘turning the other cheek’; you are welcome to try your path.

    Indeed, I turned the other cheek for seven year in one case. And then, took a person to court, given they were derelict in their (legal) duties.

    I have done both. You are welcome to both.

  9. But Jack… never advocate that the lamb lay down with the lion.

    Or, you will destroy too many women.

  10. Hey Caryn,

    Thank you for your comment – it’s good to be challenged. Iron sharpens iron. Not sure at all where you got your ideas about dehumanising, bankruptcy destruction, why you are being personal or telling me what not to do.

    Any spiritual free spirit make choices with or without approval of others and whether prompted or not.

    On the thing about turning the other cheek, it’s not something that is weak, but powerful. You rightly mentioned previously being children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. Here’s something else about being children of God. I quote “I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven.”

    I don’t disagree with you about repentance however it’s not about “my path” but “the narrow path”. Didn’t Jesus say that if you love him you will obey him?

    Turning the other cheek and loving enemies are not weaknesses but strengths. They bring about discomfort when an “enemy” exercises misconduct and is conducive to them feeling shame for their misbehaviour. I doesn’t mean liking someone or liking what they do and being a doormat.

    Being loving and kind in spite of mistreatment is empowering, conducive to self esteem and makes it harder for someone to be mistreating.

    I wish you well with you choices. Difference isn’t always a bad thing.

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