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  1. I’m sorry, I can’t help being me.
    I wish he would say: Who says you need help?…to me
    I’ve ‘followed’ your material for sometime, never commented before.. I’m an ex-UPC living in Jamaica who supports gay rights. Pause if you will and imagine what that is like. A lone voice it feels like sometimes.. In a country with no anti-discrimination laws to protect minorities or those who are simply ‘different’. It also happens to be an extremely religious country, ironically.

    The tales of violence against homosexuals even in churches never cease. I live in amazement at my contradictory culture and wonder when will change come. Sorry, I’ve drifted and rambled on. Very thought-provoking piece. I admire your work. Keep it up…

  2. Well thanks so much for finally commenting Sylphe. I’m so glad you did. Welcome, and nice to meet you. Now I’m going to be thinking about you there. Keep up the good work yourself!

  3. Beautiful and perfect. David, you have such a knack for “hitting the nail on the head” with these wonderful cartoons. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing gifts with the world!

  4. David: great cartoon! Learning to perceive what should stop, what can change, what can be managed, what should be accepted, and what should be celebrated… all that, is such a journey for each person with Jesus.

    One amazing thing about the history of Christ, was His willingness to focus on His relationship to an individual.

    I think the conservative church made an error when they swept all things under ‘He that steals should steal no more’ – as if all aspects of human imperfection or behaviors were crimes-of-choice that must ‘cease now’. And perhaps the error was amplified by an listening audience that leans away from a diversity of experience with Jesus, and leans towards a single correct Christian world-view.

    Great cartoon! Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  5. Great comic. There are some things about ourselves we can’t change and therefore we don’t help with them.

    Welcome Sylphe…I am sorry that you are in a situation like that but welcome to our community. Here you will find safety and acceptance.

  6. Steve Martin is correct. While scripture may be clear on the issue, the part the church lacks is the spirit and tone in which homsexuality and the issue itself is addressed. To those who disagree there’ll probably be no convincing but Steve I think we both agree that hate gestures towards those who struggle with the disposition of homsexuality require a more Christ-like approach.

  7. Well David…it seems you have acquired a true example of the closed minded, bigoted, fundamentalist who refuses to even engage the questions.


  8. Yeah no doubt. Refuses to answer every question posed and still acts as if he somehow has the moral high ground. LOL

  9. Barry: in the interest of dialog, isn’t the scripture clear that if a man marries a divorced woman (or a woman marries a divorced man), then they live in adultery? [Mark 10]

    How do you propose that we treat those that live in adultery by remarriage?

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  10. I have a co-worker who is also a good friend. He is gay and has been in a committed relationship for more than 30 years. He does not “struggle” with his “disposition”…it is simply who he is. The only help he needs is from the bigots (mostly Christians of course) who think the way he was born is some sort of sinful disposition he needs to spend his life struggling to overcome.

  11. EUREKA! gary? see caryn’s response and “engagement” comeback/rebuttal/response. She is “engaging”, you are not. Your anger and passion short circuits your attempts to engage and contribute producing ‘backfires’ as it were. Just kidding Gary. A researched response from the beginning should have been as Caryn’s was.

    Your sharing of your gay friend (minus the “bigot” comment) is very practical and engaging…This is exactly what I was hoping for instead of just firing profanity laden blanks…I too have people close to me who share that lifestyle and yet oddly we share with one another our profound love and appreciation for our saviour and our blessed hope in Him.

    Caryn/Gary, let me pose this to you. For individuals in churches who strongly disagree with divorce based on what Jesus said yet Sunday after Sunday sit besides someone who is divorced and remarried maybe a number of times, how is it that they have been able to move forward despite their strong differences of opinion?

  12. Barry: In answer to your question, my discussions with the church leaders that are divorced and/or married to a divorced man/woman, has been interesting.

    Some simply ignore the scriptures, have no negative semantic reaction to divorce/marrying a divorced person, and have a strong negative reaction to male-to-male sexual acts. Thus, they sit next to each other, lead the church, and condemn same-sex marriage. Their view is not thought out nor compared to the Bible. [In their mind, their view point does not need to be compared to the scripture… they are leaders… you are followers…]

    Some others believe that ‘adultery by remarriage’ is a more natural sin than male-to-male marriage. So (to them) natural sin is not as great as unnatural sin. They have no scriptural proof of this concept… but appeal loosely to Romans 1. [The counter is that adultery is one of the 10 commandments… how did God overlook listing same-sex marriage as one of His ‘top ten’?]

    I continue to encourage spiritual leaders to examine James 3:17, and to ensure that their ‘wisdom from heaven is … full of mercy… and impartial.’ Therefore, if we extend mercy upon mercy to those that are divorced (and/or married to divorced women), even to the point of allowing them to be elders/leaders in the church, then we should show the same fullness of mercy to those that have married the same sex.

    Your thoughts?

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  13. No Barry…because of bullshit like this…

    “I do not believe that you believe my conclusions come up short. I believe you know exactly what the truth is but it simply breaks your heart to admiminster the truth, and administer it in an effective way for Christ thus you compromise in sympathy”

    …I know your are not willing to engage with any degree of intellectual integrity. You can keep hurling your swill at me all day. As I said I will not waste my time on this type or arrogant and condescending bullshit. Either engage me with integrity or simply shut the fuck up!

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