who’s spotting you?

Jesus is my Spotter

“Spotter” is a weightlifting term for the person who makes sure you don’t lose control of the weights and prevents them from crushing your chest.

So even though this is a tongue-in-cheek t-shirt, there are those who hope that Jesus will prevent us from being totally crushed by the burdens of life.

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6 Replies to “who’s spotting you?”

  1. I like this much more than those “Jesus is my co-pilot/homeboy” shirts. This metaphor actually really works. šŸ™‚

  2. (David, of course you already know how I will respond by now, right?) If Jesus existed, he sure don’t be doing noth’n now, my friend.


  3. Crown o’ thorns Jesus might be a slightly less compassionate spotter. “Push it. You call that pain? You don’t know the meaning of pain!!!”

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