Why do only the prosperous preach prosperity?

prosperity preacher

I think the writers of the bible understood, better than we sometimes do, that there are too many factors involved in someone’s poverty or prosperity to simply chalk it up to effort or the lack of it.

There are a million moves, strategies, investments, accidents, strokes of luck, strokes of genius, strokes of foolishness, a thousand little injustices, unfairnesses and secrets, scores of prayers and muscles, countless imbalances, that factor into our financial situation.

This is why, I suggest, the biblical writers concluded that one’s personal economy is up to a higher power, in this case God.

Even though prosperity preachers would like us to believe they made it either by grit or gift, the wise know that it’s not that simple.

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7 Replies to “Why do only the prosperous preach prosperity?”

  1. I agree. It’s very shallow faith when one believes the poor person in a squatter camp has no faith to trust God while that very rich pastor with a R22 million house has big faith in God’s provision.

  2. I have no doubt that the prosperity gospel preachers are motivated solely by greed, but what motivates the people who flock to their teaching?….what happens cognitively within these people that they are unable or unwilling to see that it only works for the guy at the very top?. They exhibit a dis-connect from reality as if blinded by faith. It’s so disturbing to watch.

  3. Hmmmm – if someone’s prosperity is about their effort then a homeless Gallean carpenter must have been a lazy man. Having said that, the opposite is also true, that being prosperous isn’t necessarily a sign of being spiritually lazy.

    don’t the bible writers comment that both are blessed, one because they have prosperity, the other becuse they are depending on God for their needs?

  4. So many people want to believe that if they are faithful enough, they can be rich. There has been a successful alliance of greedy businessmen and supposedly devout Christians that still baffles me. I think it is easy to say “good people get rich while bad people are poor” and this is something we see today with attitudes towards the poor.

    This is also an example of the rampant Biblical illiteracy that exists. The O.T. is filled with verses about taking care of the poor and being concerned with their needs. The N.T. also focuses on that as well.

  5. but what motivates the people who flock to their teaching? (mike)

    Either the want for a “quick fix”, or they’re thinking: “Hey, if it worked for them, maybe it’ll work for me!”, not knowing they’re being conned. It’s naivete.

    Scripture also teaches to be content with what we have. And yet! Within the Prosperity Gospel/Name It Claim It/Word-Faith narrative, contentment is not enough.

    It also teaches that God is responsible for everything — something most Christians love to deny or flat out ignore.

  6. @ Shelly: I think that’s precisely the problem. Curiously,It’s rarely that we hear a message about contentment within Christianity., the monastic orders being the exception. Contentment is something that must be achieved through enlightenment I think. .. sadly,our culture dissuades this notion at every turn.

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