Why is the church so obsessed with sex?

"The Church's Obsession with Sex" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“The Church’s Obsession with Sex” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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No, Jesus didn’t say this. But you’d think he must have.

It seems to me that the major issues the church faces today all orbit around sex.

Gender. Women. LGBTQ. Purity. Ordination. Power. Feminism. Misogyny. Abuse. Harassment. Girls. Boys. Fidelity.

I could go on. You get my point. I hope.

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6 Replies to “Why is the church so obsessed with sex?”

  1. Actually if you had used the devil as the person telling the followers to obsess about sex, then you got it right. Remember who it was that came to kill, steal and destroy. And the media today is obsessed with gay stories, so again that is not God doing it. But you do have that great sense of humor, which I fully appreciate.

  2. Well done. As you know my views are very sex positive. The study of church history, including some of the early leader’s bizarre and extreme sex negative views is quite enlightening. The puritanical mindset really does appear to be a corruption in the faith.

  3. A question I want answered is why is the church obsessed with sexual activity between consenting adults but does not want to discuss sexual abuse? Considering all the scandals involving priest, pastors, and youth leaders, I think the answer is pretty obvious.

  4. It’s society in general that is obsessed with sex. You can’t listen to the radio or watch TV and not admit that.

    And when you have the LGBTQ verbally stoning Christians and specifically targeting Christian business owners for law suits while trying to redefine what marriage is, well, then we have a right to direct our attention to it. And many (not all) respond with knowledge in love, such as Michael Brown and his congregation over in Charlotte, NC.*

    Add to that the outrageous addiction to porn that something like half of pastors admit to and there’s a method to the madness. (By chance, do you have that problem?)

    And the Bible is explicit about sexual matters. And I think the reason is because it has always been a problem for the human race. Turn on the TV and you’ll see that that people will engage in all forms and then think of all kinds of reasons to excuse the indulgence of their sexual desires. It is a huge motivation for many things that happen in the world, unfortunately.

    Thankfully, God created sex and it’s not taboo to Him. He designed it for a married man and woman to enjoy in the purity of marriage. That was done to provide the undefiled marriage bed with the maximum of enjoyment, free from guilt, disease, and harm. All other forms result in one or all of those things.

    Perhaps your cartoon is intended to say to some church, “Hey, aren’t there more important issues to deal with?” But this is an important issue, too. It’s not an either/or situation.

    *Background note: Pro-LGBTQ advocates went to their church building a couple of years ago to stir up trouble, thinking that Dr. Brown and his congregation were hate-filled. They were welcomed in, given drinks, and shown love. It resulted in the guy who was in charge of organizing the event called in to Dr. Brown’s show and publicly apologized.)

  5. Hey Joshua,

    Pretty good summary of the traditional fundy take on sexuality. You managed to try to shame, accuse, and present false statements about biblical sexuality all in one post. Bravo – I am sure your fire breathing pastor would be proud.

    News flash. Not only does sex outside of the bonds of a marriage between a man and a woman quite often NOT produce ” guilt, disease, and harm”, in fact the bible is in no way in agreement with your stated position. The notion that the bible supports your statement (EXPLICITLY you claim no less) is frankly, silly. No…your mandates on sexuality are all very much the product of man…not God.

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