your inflatable church and the work it takes to keep it up

"Inflatable Church" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Inflatable Church” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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It’s one thing to work fruitfully for a community. Somehow you know that you’re investing in good things, even if they aren’t immediately tangible.

It’s another thing to be busily working to fulfill the fantasies of someone, the fruit of which are not meant for you or the community to enjoy, but the leader.

Hopefully people learn that frantically pumping to fill a meaningless void with noise is wasted effort.

But contributing to a healthy, functional and fulfilling community… now that’s worth the effort!

(We put a lot of work into The Lasting Supper, our online community, and thankfully the fruit are immediately enjoyed! Please join us!)

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6 Replies to “your inflatable church and the work it takes to keep it up”

  1. A few years ago, one of my friends was planting a church. He was raising starter funds before getting going. He had some matching funds. I didn’t understand the whole process. In concern of costs, he went through a long list of big-ticket items such as a sound system. As my friend’s fears of possibility of impossibility of funding were exposed, I silently wondered how much one would have to spend to purchase a gorgeously ornate Bible, a real silver chalice, a couple stoles, and a vial of oil. Sure, a font would be nice but one can always find a river, and honestly, many of them flow much wider and deeper than you’d ever imagine once you get in. I wondered about what my friend thought he was doing and creating. I wondered what he thought the whole thing was centrally about.

  2. But they don’t get tired of it… they had one magical experience with something supernatural, and they come back for more. In that sense, they keep pumping.

    By way of another analogy, they may never hit the jackpot, but the repetitive pulling on the one-armed bandit creates the ching-ching sound of payoff coins hitting metal, and the buzz comes back.

    In a way, the church institution must continue to push ‘the church is God’s anointed tool’ and ‘every time you come here, you meet God in this place’, just like a gambling house pushes ‘we have great dance music – EDM, House, and cheap beer!’ and ‘everybody wins when you play our slot machines’. The truth is stretched for the sake of ‘your entertainment, and my income and profits’.

    If people would only attend once per month, or once every two months, they would develop a real life outside of the church-become-gambling-hall… a real family with real people like their kids and wife…. rather than a false family they meet only for 10 minutes at the end of a ‘Sunday service … and then, they could enjoy the games within the church as fun, entertainment, and good times by attending responsibly.

    The attendees are adults. They have the right to gamble and thus be entertained. They get an occasional payoff (though not the jackpot they hoped for). I offer that they should play responsibly.

    And then, if the church is an inflated super kids toy, it will deflate to something much more manageable.

  3. Could there be a link between climate change and all the hot air being released from over-inflated churches?

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