3 Best Trans Christian Affirming Cartoons

Trans lives matter and for that reason, I'm committed to making art that celebrates and uplifts trans people. When you build a community on love, it doesn’t make sense to allow hate in. Art has the potential to push back against bigotry and hate! These cartoons hold space and love for trans people!

Here are 3 of my favorite Transgender Cartoons. I hope they make you feel seen and loved.

1. An Affirming Cartoon for Trans Children

Trans kids deserve to see themselves celebrated, included, and loved in art, media, and the world around them. They’re living in a world that can be hostile to them, with laws and harmful messaging that seeks to demonize their existence. Art is a powerful tool for challenging those destructive ideas by creating something beautiful in response.

This cartoon of Jesus holding a transgender sheep, was originally a commission for Kai. She's a trans kid who lives in Texas. She's very vocal and active for LGBTQIA+ rights, especially trans rights. I met Kai months ago when I was contacted about illustrating a book she's writing. Her mom, Kimberly, asked if I could draw one of my trans sheep cartoons for Kai. I’m inspired by Kai and her efforts to make the world a more inclusive place.

It made my day to see how much joy it brought her! I loved this piece so much that I made it available as a digital download.

2. Don't Stone Others Cartoon

This cartoon is titled, Don't Stone Others, and it's available as a print. 

It’s easy to be a bully when you believe someone is an outnumbered, easy target. Some people throw stones with verses carved into them and shout abuse laden with scripture references.

I wonder if they can see the bigger picture…? 

3. Family Fun Transgender Cartoon

I love celebrating families that don’t fit the cookie-cutter idea of what a nuclear family should look like. So many trans and queer kids deserve families that love them, help them grow, and keep them safe. Your family should be the first place that love, friendship, and fun happen! This Family Fun Transgender Cartoon is available as a print and a digital download.

You Deserve to Feel Seen, Loved, and Accepted

When we center love and compassion in art and in life, it creates a wonderful world for ALL of us to exist. I hope these trans affirming cartoons have added some joy into your day!

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