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Who is nakedpastor?

I'm a former pastor turned cartoonist. 

Drawing graffiti on the walls of religion since 2005.

David Hayward is the NakedPastor. After 30 years in the church, he left the ministry to pursue his passion for art. His work challenges the status quo, deconstructs dogma, and promotes critical thinking.

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Comments From The Community

David’s art hangs proudly on my vestry wall as an affirmation of my role as a woman in ministry. Grateful to him for his encouragement!

Rev. Shuna Dicks

NakedPastor has made me laugh, cry, and reevaluate many long-held beliefs. I am the richer for his thought-provoking work!

Serena Newman

“Your art speaks my heart, every time......its been so great to have my thoughts and feelings validated, to know others are going through the same things you are, just helps you know you're not crazy or lost, so, I GREATLY APPRECIATE YOU, AND YOUR ART.

Denise Bowen Zirkelbach

Love that you think differently and don't put life in a box! We are in sync.

Alana Chaune Riskowitz

NakedPastor is liberating and without judgment!

Jp Esnouf

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