NakedPastor: naked because I’m real; pastor because I care.

Yes, I do cartoons, paintings, books, community, and the ideas they express. But they all orbit around my core value: the exercise of personal, authentic freedom… mine and yours.

I’m often asked why I have the name “nakedpastor”. Originally, I used the name to convey that I was raw, vulnerable, and honest as a pastor. I wanted to let people see the real life of a real pastor with none of the coverups. Now that I’m not a pastor of a local church, I answer, “‘Naked’ because I’m real; ‘pastor’ because I care.”

I validate, encourage, and empower people in their free self-expression of personal authenticity. I love watching people overcome obstacles to their own happiness and success.


I’m passionate about empowering you to feel confident & free to live the life you want!

I’m passionate about helping you get over your hangups—including religious ones—about love, money, business, marketing, self-confidence…

It’s easy to take that first step to “Live Fearless!” Here’s how it works:

     1. We have a meaningful, helpful conversation.
     2. We talk about your struggles.
     3. We decide if we have the chemistry to work together.
     4. We choose what kind of coaching program you want.

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He knew what to say to me every week and his words carried me through until our next conversation. He helped to rescue me out of the pit of despair just by being himself. I’m forever grateful. (Shellie)

David is a profound thinker with a true pastor’s heart. He provided genuine guidance and a safe, healing, space. (Gio)

He helped reconnect my untethered human soul and filled it with creative life again. (Frederick)



Believe me: I know what it’s like to feel trapped, stuck, frustrated, and afraid. I understand how difficult it is to struggle against the stream of social expectations. I understand it is hard to disappoint others in the process of truly living authentically. I know all about my crazy hangups interfering with the life I know I want and deserve to live.

I understand it might be the hardest struggle you’ll ever face in life.

Imagine feeling empowered to move forward, succeed, and achieve your own desires and goals … guilt-free, shame-free, regret-free, and fear-free! Imagine feeling liberated to discover your own organic spirituality and life’s path that integrate with one another rather than conflict.

If you feel trapped, stuck, frustrated, afraid, conflicted, confused…

… if your religious hangups are interfering with your love life, your business, making money, succeeding in this world, or being happy with yourself and the life you live…

… then speak with me. I will help you move forward.

You can change your life and succeed without regret.



Like my other clients, you can also enjoy a lot of growth and success when we work together. What do you have to lose? The first call doesn’t cost you a cent.

Live Fearless! Get over your hangups. Get on with your life.