"Life and Fear" cartoon by David Hayward 3

Is Fear Holding You Back From Living?

OWN THIS PRINT What’s the first thing I say when someone describes to me the changes in their beliefs and the fear they are feeling? “Relax. Don’t be afraid.” The fear and the beliefs...

"Racism Hates to Hide" cartoon by David Hayward 2

Racism Hates to Hide CARTOON

I drew this cartoon two years ago while Trump was rising to power. It’s even more true now. With his #shithole comment, he proves racism hates to hide. DO YOU NEED HELP?

"Stand with Survivors" cartoon by David Hayward 6

Stand with Survivors!

OWN THIS PRINT things are messed up when the perpetrator becomes the victim and gets the sympathy DO YOU NEED HELP?

"Church Victims Dumpster" cartoon by David Hayward 1

Church Leaders and Victims

OWN THIS CARTOON (*** I wrote this explicit poem and realized by the end of it that I wasn’t just writing about a man’s assault of a girl, but about how the church often...

"Weighed Down" cartoon by David Hayward 1

Are You Feeling Weighed Down?

[OWN THIS CARTOON] Weighed Down there’s nothing wrong with anchors if you want to stay in place firmly grounded and fixed on a solid foundation but what if you want to fly free? then...

"Forgiveness or Justice" cartoon by David Hayward 5

For Pastors: Forgiveness or Justice?

[GET THIS CARTOON] The story of the church giving a standing ovation because their pastor who sexually assaulted an underage girl asked forgiveness is just appalling. Not unbelievable. Because it happens a lot! Like...

"Protection or Imprisonment?" cartoon by David Hayward 1

Do You Feel Protected or Imprisoned?

OWN THIS PRINT I am the parent of three adult children. I love them very much. They are an adventurous bunch. They do things like climb mountains, skydive, swim with sharks, and other activities...