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Welcome to the NakedPastor Community. This is your blank canvas.

  Jesus at a Black Lives Matter march with a rainbow LGBTQ+ sash You do realize you're about to share a NakedPastor cartoon?! You don't have to change!

Everybody deserves the space, support and courage to grow authentically without limits. Whether you are questioning the intricacies of your faith or searching for God, the Naked Pastor Community is for you. It aims to provide a place for spiritual refugees and explorers to question or oppose the confines of religion. It’s a place where people can support each other as they unpack their spirituality, share their experiences, and express their doubts and beliefs.

Wishing you well on your journey towards spiritual independence.
David Hayward,
aka the NakedPastor.
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"NakedPastor is some of the most theologically and biblically sound media out there right now." - Rev. KimberLEA Curlett MDiv.

"NakedPastor gave me hope when I had given up entirely on all things spiritual. He helped me understand that there was a Higher Power who was loving and more radical than I could comprehend." - Jessica.


"Finding the NakedPastor was a crucial part of my journey. You were my people, until I found my people." - Lori.

"David is a true pastor to those who have left organized religion. His art, his writing, his humor and razor-sharp insight all combine to create profound help and healing for those sorting out faith shifts and those traumatized by religion." - Connie


"Thank you for giving much needed representation to LGBT people. Thank you for working so hard to de-stigmatize my people and to point out the hypocrisies of others. I just want to let you know you're helping so many people around the world." - Julian 

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Let’s keep it kind
My art serves to deconstruct dogma and act as a catalyst for difficult conversations. I promote honest expression but also ask that you respect others’ points of view and refrain from judgement or condemnation. This will ensure our community remains a safe and constructive space. Here’s to the art of free thinking!