3 Wholesome Queer Christian Pride Drawings That Will Make You Smile

Here are 3 of my favorite drawings that celebrate queer Christian people and their place in the world. There is so much love that needs to be celebrated and not written off because of small-mindedness about who is welcome and who is not. Everyone should be welcome!

Puzzle Of Love

We’re all part of the bigger picture. Puzzle pieces with unique shapes rather than uniform blocks that look the same are more fun to engage with.

Queer Faith Print

I guess life is a lot like that too. If everyone was the same, there would be no joy, no art, nothing that was worth celebrating, Life’s puzzle is so much more fun when we’re trying to figure out all the pieces that look different, and realize how perfectly they fit together. Like this cartoon? It's available as a print, digital download and a sticker.

The Deep End of Love

The Deep End of Love fills a lot of people with joy because there’s so much excitement in it. Love and kindness are made to be shared.

LGBTQ Affirming Art Print
It’s scary for some of us to dive into love, some people haven’t even dipped their toes in. This is an invitation to dive in! This is available as a print and a digital download.

LGBTQ Love Sprinkler

Love is all around us, in unexpected places all around us. 

LGBTQ Jesus Wall Art

Here we see Jesus and an LGBTQ+ sheep dancing in a shower of love. When it rains in love, it pours. You can get this happy affirming cartoon as a digital download.

Queer Christian Pride is something that needs to be illustrated more, because so many queer Christian people find themselves excluded and made to feel outside of the realm of love. These cartoons celebrate the place you have in your communities, and I hope that it affirms who you are, as you are!, I want you to know that you are seen, appreciated and loved here – exactly as you are. If you're struggling with your faith and religion I've written this article for you,  3 Helpful Resources for LGBTQ+ People Navigating Religion and if you just want to see more happy affirming cartoons and drawings then check out my 8 favorite LGBTQIA Cartoons

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