5 Pride Month Gifts to Show Support for LGBQT+ Loved Ones

Pride is about celebration, affirmation, love, and solidarity. If you have a loved one who is celebrating Pride this month, you might want to show your support with a loving, affirming gift.

Below are five Pride Month gifts for your queer friend. 

Affirming T-Shirts

Affirming shirts for pride month.

Encourage your loved one to wear their Pride on their chest with T-shirts that affirm their gender and sexual identity. There’s even a shirt to celebrate being an ally!

Shop affirming t-shirts here.

Prints for Pride

Wall art prints for pride month.

Your loved one deserves a home full of art that celebrates their sexual and gender identity. My collection of LGBTQ+ prints celebrates the highs and makes light of the lows. It's a huge collection with something for everyone in the queer community!

Shop prints for pride here.


LGBTS+ mugs.

Morning coffee with a side of Pride? If your loved one isn’t ready to rock Pride gear in public, or doesn’t live in a community that would welcome LGBTQ+ bumper stickers, why not treat them to a mug that they can enjoy when they are home in their safe space?

My Pride mugs are dishwasher safe and the perfect size for a heart-warming cup of joe.

Shop LGBTQ+ mugs here.

Original Art for Original People

There can only be one original. Why not treat your one-of-a-kind loved one with a one-of-a-kind artwork? I also do commissions where you can request an artwork created specifically for your loved one.
This is a really special way to show your support for your queer loved one’s journey.

Shop original art here.

Cartoon Subscription: Pride, all year long!

Digital art subscription

With a cartoon subscription, your loved one can download as many Pride-related (and other!) NakedPastor artworks as they like. They can use these for phone backgrounds or they can print them at their local print shop to fill their home with affirmation and love.

Get a subscription here.

I hope one of these gifts resonates with your queer Christian loved one.

Remember, Pride gifts are a great way to show your support. But the real meaning of Pride is love. The greatest gift you can give your loved one this Pride Month is your love and acceptance.

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