8 Clues You Are in a Controlling Church

Are you in a controlling church?

You know what I've discovered over the years? Some people don't realize they are being controlled and manipulated a coerced and pressured.

ministry of control cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

So I thought I'd share eight signs you are in a controlling church... or a controlling relationship of any kind!

  1. Power is not shared.
  2. Your needs and desires are denied
  3. If you don't comply you will be ignored or worse.
  4. Your discontent with the church is your fault.
  5. Little encouragement but lots of put downs (called constructive criticism).
  6. Doubts and questions are interpreted as betrayal.
  7. Shame is used to keep you in line.
  8. Your life feels micromanaged by the church.

Is this your experience? I know I've experienced it.

I also know that as a pastor I was guilty of being controlling until I realized what I was doing and then realized what I was doing was wrong.

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