A Treatment For Post-traumatic Church Syndrome

It is real and tons of people suffer from it.

One of the most important emotions to process in this is anger. Anger is such a powerful emotion and has been so stigmatized by religion that few people know how to admit it, embrace it, and deal with it in healthy ways.

I have a friend who took all her anger out on a punching bag for many months following the suicide of her boyfriend.

post traumatic church disorder cartoon nakedpastor david hayward

When I was going through a devastating church split I took my anger out on empty cardboard boxes with a big stick.

Most people are very uncomfortable with anger being expressed toward the church. That's too bad. Anger is a legitimate emotion that needs to be felt, faced, and processed. 

What is true and good about the church should be able to handle anger toward that which is false and bad about it.

If anger is not handled in a healthy manner it only gets more toxic and devastating.

Let yourself get angry. Even at the church! 

Religious trauma is real.

This is a necessary part of the healing process.

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