Asexual Affirming Jesus Art

I have asexual friends who've asked me to do a cartoon for them.

I've also had random asexual members of our nakedpastor community ask me to make a cartoon for them.

Asexual Jesus Art

Jesus is ice fishing with a sheep with asexual colors.

After asking several of them if this one or that one is good or has issues or is wrong or hurtful, I finally landed on this one. 

So far everyone loves it! That makes me happy, because I sure do.

Maybe it's not something you do in your part of the world. But we do it here in Canada. Our rivers and lakes freeze over. When the ice is thick enough and safe enough for humans to walk on without falling through (although we even drive our vehicles on it when it's really cold and thick enough), we drill a hole through the ice and start fishing. We bring snacks and our favorite beverage too. Sometimes we catch fish!

I hope you like it. There are prints too.

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