A Cartoon Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Allies

I was commissioned by someone to draw a cartoon that conveyed how allies for the LGBTQIA+ community may stand between them and the powers that try to restrict, reject, or destroy them.  In this case, the person wanted an ally portrayed as a strong barrier between the Church and the LGBTQIA+.

ally bear cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Cartoon description: A bear stands between the church and LGBTQIA+ rainbow sheep. Because mama and papa bears do this. I know a lot of them. They’re amazing.

This is based on a true story of how a certain person with authority in a certain church is challenging the establishment and advocating for their LGBTQIA+ members. They loved what I came up with and I hope you do too.

Are you an ally?

This cartoon celebrating LGBTQIA+ allies  is available as a digital download.

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