Are We in Trouble Here

Are We in Trouble Here

After I left the ministry in 2010, I didn’t go to any church for a long time.

Now I will occasionally visit one.

I attended this one church a few times. A visiting pastor preached.

While he was preaching, I felt myself pushing myself back in my chair physically trying to back away from him.

He was so authoritative, domineering, and even bullying.

Actually, it reminded me of my many years in the Pentecostal church. That kind of preaching was the norm.

I thought I’d gotten away from that.

But, no, and this was a very liberal church.

As soon as someone starts talking to you badly like a child… condescendingly, correctively, coercively… it’s time to go.


May I ask what made you leave ministry in 2010?


I appreciate your writing and pictures.

Chaz Denny

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