Are You Bullied for Asking Questions?

"Bullied for Asking" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


Are you bullied for asking questions? Do you remember as a child asking questions, but then eventually, as you grew up, they became more and more discouraged? Especially for asking questions that mattered? We've learned that it's okay to ask questions that implicitly or explicitly support the status quo and endorse the authorities. But it's not okay to ask questions that challenge the way things are or dispute, oppose, and provoke the authorities. But you will never know if you kill your curiosity, if you ever stop asking. Like many journalists today, you need to possess a certain level of tenacity to ask. You might be afraid because you are aware of the risks. You will be bullied for questioning. But you must ask anyway. Don't be silenced! I have a whole book devoted to this important topic called Questions are the Answer on Amazon! (Got questions? So do we at The Lasting Supper, and we're not afraid to field them. Come join us!)
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