Are you in trouble for being intelligent and spiritually independent?

Think intelligently? Trouble! Be independent? Trouble! Actually, I think this cartoon applies to our schools in many ways too. Our children are taught, mostly, to follow the party line thinking and also to tow the line period. But this has been my experience in the church, without a doubt! Oh, I would agree that for many, including myself, thinking and being independent is tolerated up to a point. But somewhere I crossed a line where it was not only inappropriate, but offensive, illegal, and prohibited. I believe, largely, that the church has failed in allowing people to grow in wisdom and intelligence, and providing the space for us to grow into our own spiritual independence... which I claim in necessary. Even now, "outside" the church walls, I constantly feel like I'm being called to task for thinking what I think and not being under any authority. Do you feel like you're constantly having to explain yourself? That's because you don't fit within the parameters set for you. My advice? Keep going!
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