The Vital Role of Whistleblowers

Whistle blowing is a necessary and important activity. In fact, a decent federal government recognizes the legitimacy of whistle blowing.

The following is from an official document from the U.S. Office of special counsel:

A "whistleblower" discloses information he or she reasonably believes evidences: A violation of any law, rule or regulation; An abuse of authority; Gross mismanagement; A gross waste of funds; A substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.

I admire those within the church who are blowing the whistle on abuses such as those above who are within the church. I also admire the whistle blowers who are outside of the church. They usually become outsiders because of their whistle blowing.

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I know first hand the risks of whistle blowing from within and from the outside. I'm also very sympathetic towards those who just can't yet at this point. It is a very scary enterprise.

It reminds me of the prophets. They were inside until they either left in protest or were exiled. But they never stopped blowing the whistle.

Many people complain about the internet, that too many people are saying too many things. I think the internet does pose problems. But one thing I definitely appreciate is that so many more people have a voice and can declare what is happening in their tiniest corner of the world.

Therefore, it is more difficult to get away with abuses unannounced anymore.

Everyone has a whistle.

When you see abuses, use it!

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