Can Women Be Pastors?

Can women be pastors? Of course!

can women be pastors cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Here's something else I think:

If we really want something, we will figure out how to find a way to do it.

Therefore, I KNOW that if men really wanted women to be pastors, they would either say:

1. Paul was wrong.
2. Paul didn't mean it the way it sounds.
3. Paul is dated, just like stoning for working on the Sabbath is.

Or some other way.

Instead, they dig their heels in and find anything that justifies, validates, and endorses their sexism and misogyny...  including Bible verses.

Like I've always said... we all find a theology that suits our biases, and then that theology informs our biases, and then the biases informs our theology.

That's how it always works.


This cartoon is titled Can Women Be Pastors. It's available as a digital download or you can purchase the original which comes with a letter of authenticity.

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